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Corporate Gifting

Unique GivingWhy Gift?What Makes a Good Gift?How and When to GiveGifts From An Olive Ovation

Unique Giving from An Olive Ovation

distinctive corporate gift

Excited by that last golf shirt or overpriced fruit basket you received (or gave)? Should your gifts to important clients or key employees standout, or are the gifts that everyone else gives good enough? At An Olive Ovation we take pride in working with our customers to select a gift or design an entire gift giving program that stands out; helping to accomplish your goals within your budget. Gifts that are not appreciated or too similar to those of competitors are just a waste of your resources.

Why Gift?

distinctive corporate gift

Successful gift giving improves business results. You want your clients to think well of you, and to do so often. Modest amounts spent on gifts will reinforce the positive image your products or services have already created. A good gift will increase the frequency that your clients appreciate your company, often in settings unrelated to your business relationship. For example, a hand painted ceramic bowl may spark conversation about your business every time your client uses it for entertaining. Doing all you can to keep existing clients satisfied and loyal is much better than trying to replace lost business.

Let's not forget about your employees. Key employees (or any skilled employee these days) can be difficult to replace. In addition to their talents these employees may have valuable relationships with your customers. Thoughtful items of recognition can be a cost effective way to demonstrate appreciation, helping to keep your employees producing for you and your clients.

What Makes a Good Gift?

distinctive corporate gift

What do you experience when you receive a business related gift? Do you have a more positive reaction when the gift is useful in some thoughtful way; perhaps for other family members as well as yourself? How often do you think about the gift when you aren't using it? The best gifts will have meaning and usefulness for the recipient and have longevity to be appreciated and remembered over a period of time. A crystal paperweight is likely to just collect dust, or worse yet be lost forever in a drawer. A beautiful olivewood serving tray can be enjoyed for generations.

distinctive corporate gift

People do love to receive things to eat or drink. But, how long does a bottle of wine last once opened; how quickly does a fruit basket spoil? An aged balsamic vinegar can be savored for years. A quality extra virgin olive oil can be enjoyed for six to eight months. Increase your client's appreciation time by giving a subscription with multiple deliveries (like our Olive Oil Club).

Do you react more positively to you own name, or to someone else's company name? Any gift personalization should focus on the recipient first, the giver second. If engraving or other labeling is desired it is better to emphasize the receiver. If the giver is included it should be secondary in the design to the receiver. Personalization can be accomplished within any budget from a simple decorative paper tag to an engraved silver plate. A handwritten enclosed card is always a thoughtful touch for any gift if it is personalized or not.

How and When to Give

distinctive corporate gift

How much should I spend? When is the best time? These questions may not have set answers; but when considering them you should remember a few important factors. An impressive gift can be had at any price point as long as the best available is chosen. Classy always wins over tacky. Overly branded items at any cost will not be used for fear of looking like a billboard. Gift continuity can add value to lesser priced items. A collection can be planned for a multi-year cycle. This removes the challenge of what to give every year and recipients await the next item with anticipation.

distinctive corporate gift

Surprise can elevate a gift from nice to spectacular! Everyone expects something between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even a great gift can get lost in the chaos of a busy holiday season. It is easier to wow someone outside the holiday season when there is less expectation. Connecting the gift to a significant event is also a great idea. For a client this could be the completion of a significant project, years as a customer, or a revenue milestone. For employees this could also be a project completion, a personal milestone (e.g. service anniversary, birthday, promotion...), or team/individual performance (e.g. exceeding goals, deadline, or targets).

Gifts From An Olive Ovation

distinctive corporate gift

Our gifts have been carefully chosen for flavor, quality, craftsmanship and tradition. Each is best in class. We do not offer gift basket industry products that are more packaging than substance. Every item we select for our gift baskets is routinely available in the store so your clients can easily return for more! Custom labels reflecting your logo and company message are available for a wide range of our products. Special orders and themed gifts are our specialty!

We enjoy helping our customers select gifts that represent their businesses and will individually delight each of their clients. Of course products from the entire store are available. Possibilities include:

  • Exotic oils, vinegars, and sea salts for the gourmet cook.
  • Easy meal or appetizer basket for the busy parent.
  • A fine wine and Laguiole wine waiter for the entertainer.

From our best area chefs:

Love going to Extra Virgin an Olive Ovation. I want to have everything there in my pantry.
- Ben Poremba, Olio, Elaia

Marianne Prey is a wealth of knowledge. Every time I go in there, I learn something new about olive oil.
- Gerard Craft, Niche, Brasserie, Taste, Pastaria

I like Extra Virgin An Olive Ovation for imported mustards, vinegars and olive oils. Incorporating these ingredients into a dish can change it significantly. For instance, a Zinfandel vinegar over a dessert is divine, and mustard in a soup is quite amazing.
- Natasha Kwan, Frida's Deli